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Midwest CONTENTdm: 4th Annual Meeting

Last week (March 18-20), I attended this annual meeting at Purdue University. A page with all the details of the program can be accessed here. It was again great to get to see/meet colleagues that we often communicate with -electronically- …as well as enjoy some good food!

On the 18th, the day started with the keynote address by Geri Ingram from OCLC. We got some interesting updates and tips for the migration process to version 5.0 or 5.1 -to be released in May. On that day, I also did a 1.5 presentation/s:

a) Bulk uploading CONTENTdm images & metadata into Flickr by Jason Michel and myself

b) Re-Indexing CONTENTdm Fields for Searching and Browsing

Since we spoke quite a bit about PHP; for the last session, I chose to go and hear about the use of Python to move library catalog data into CONTENTdm -good and informative one!

On the 19th, I found the “Text-based projects in CONTENTdm” presentation very interesting! -especially now, when our own text-based collection -Miami Student Newspaper- has become the most popular among all current collections.

Last but not least, it was great to know that the gathering in 2010 will be in Iowa City!

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