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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

For the upcoming Amigos & CONTENTdm online conference in February, I recently installed Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro and run a couple of tests. So far, I like it! After running a quick audio wizard, I was able to get a headset working and audio was clear; it also gives you three options for sharing your screen: desktop, window and application –although on the Mac it seems like Window also means desktop, so I chose application and it worked just fine. Another great feature is the “push” option (I think it has a formal and real name, but I cannot remember it now), it lets you open a URL in all participants desktops using their default browser.

Since this is my first online presentation, I guess I need to wait and see how everything goes, but so far so good. Switching between the presentation file and other applications (e.g. web editor) seems to be a bit tricky, but other than that it’s great.

Speaking of flash, now some are saying that the lack of flash support on the new apple product may not be solely based on a political decision from apple, but because Flash can also mean intensive work for processors, batteries, and bandwidth –which may be fine for new laptops, but maybe not for mobile devices …will HTML5 be the solution for this? Quién sabe?

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