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Project UPDATES!

As we officially end the second (cold) month of 2014, below is a list of some interesting project updates:

A couple of weeks ago, we finally launched the Digital Literacy Partnership website.  This project -led by Valerie Ubbes- promotes the contributions of literacy, health, and technology on learning; it runs on three Omeka and interdisciplinary databases and content include print and electronic materials for children, youth, and adults.  For me, it’s been an opportunity to install/customize some Omeka plugins using PHP and jQuery.
DLP at Miami University
The simple search function is one piece that still requires some extra work, I see this as a summer project and who knows -the solution could even become a candidate for a new Omeka plugin.

For a Middle East Media project, we have switched from Omeka to WordPress -YES, learning and investigating what works and what does not work is also part of the consulting process of our work.  Anyway, it seems like the Really Simple Guest Post Plugin is what we need for the student submissions, and for the professors review, the Post Meta Plugin will be enough.  Of course, we still need to hack the PHP code to make it work for the MEM project, but we’re definitely better off using WordPress.

Other project updates include: this month (after 2 years) we officially joined the Flickr Commons, according to some of my colleagues, the number of visits has just dramatically increased; For the CAWC Lecture Series, we’re now working on the second batch of videos, we anticipate an official launch later this semester; for my paper on IR platforms, I’ve been learning quite a lot and cannot wait to see the final outcome of this study; and speaking of papers, this month I’m again reviewing an article for RIB.

Last, as part of the promotion and tenure approval process … in early February I was invited to represent the libraries and attend the Miami’s Board of Trustees meeting where they officially approved everyone being promoted or tenured.  And just last week, I got a copy of entire promotion package … mmmm, it was a lot of work and I do need to send a thank you note to a bunch of people, especially my reviewers!  Perhaps the only bad news this month is that -for my GC app- I still need to wait a few (~7) more months before I can truly celebrate this promotion.

That’s it for now … time to get ready for another cold weekend and March should be a warmer month :-)


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Flickr Stats: good and bad news

That’s right, the Flickr deadline (June 1st) for downloading the “stats” from late 2007 to April 2010 is only 4 days away  :( …so I guess that counts as bad news.  So what’s the good news? well, with the recent changes in the Flickr Stats API, some developers have taken the initiative to create interesting data-presentation for the flickr stats.  For instance, flickrstats lets users with a Pro account process their historical referrer data and visualize it in a very interactive and graphic interface –a la Google Analytics.   I think this is another example of a great application that was possible by combining the “flexibility” from flickr and the “creativity” from those developers out there.

There is a video (demo) available here -and if things go the way they’re supposed to, once you’ve authenticated your flickr account at in minutes you could get a nice image like this one:
It seems like the pie charts are displaying only the top 10 results -and at this point, I’m not sure if there is a way to change/customize that, …but they do have an option for viewing a more complete list of all the referrers and search terms at the very bottom of that initial page; additionally, users can drag/select specific time periods and the graphs get updated immediately -very cool!  This is definitely a very nice complement for reporting flickr stats :) …and it’ll probably continue to get better; in the future, a couple of items in a “wish list” will probably include:

  • percentages or sub-totals on the pie charts
  • text fields or a calendar for entering date ranges
  • options for exporting reports to other formats -e.g. PDF, XML, etc?

Well, maybe that’s too much to ask for -at least now, but again, I think (hope) this is just the beginning of some great developments on the flickr stats data! …it’d be nice to have a service like this as part of the default services in Flickr, we’ll wait and see!

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Web Statistics: Flickr Stats & Google Analytics

Keeping track of the number of visitors to a site -or collecting data about how these visitors found your site- can be useful for several reasons: evaluating, reporting, planning etc.  After uploading two image collections into flickr -January 2009-, I’ve been checking/comparing two web-stats tools -Google Analytics (GA) for the local CONTENTdm collections and Flickr Stats (FS) for the new flickr collection.

At first, flickr seemed to be the “winner” especially with the level of details (e.g. views, comments, referrers, keywords) provided for individual images.  At that time, there was also a way to view the “all time” stats.  In March, however, flickr made a couple of changes to the stats page.  They added the “so far today” feature which could be useful but they disabled the “all time” stats.  You can read some details and discussion on this page.

…being positive, I hope to see this feature -restored- in the future, because it lets users see/analyze/make decisions based on the accumulated stats.  Even better, FS should let users specify a range of time–just as GA does.

For instance, think about this hypothetical example:
[ view larger image ]

While we cannot really compare these two tools, in the long-term, flickr users will probably appreciate some other enhancements -generate a PDF report, visitors’ location, etc.  After all, FS is part of the $25 annual fee for the pro accounts.

In the meantime, don’t get disappointed …we can still do something:

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