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Time Management, Priorities, & Deadlines

Since the last hours of the first month of 2012 will come to an end shortly, I believe it’s ok to remind myself that “YES, time flies!” -especially when you get to enjoy unusual warm weather in January in southern Ohio.  Anyway, my examples of time, priorities, and deadline issues in the last couple of weeks include: replying to old emails saved in my “To-Do” folder; collecting quotes and support letters for a grant proposal; updating a couple of presentation proposals; and postponing this blog post :-(

Some recent good news includes:
JCLC-2012The acceptance of two poster proposals I co-authored for the upcoming 2nd JCLC Conference in September in Kansas City, MO.  “JCLC brings together a diverse group of librarians, library staff, library supporters, and community participants to explore issues of diversity in libraries and how they affect the ethnic communities who use our services.”  The poster titles are: Digital Diversity: Seven Examples from Miami University Libraries and Minnesota Institute Reflections: Three Personal Stories.

jquery1A couple of minor/recent changes in a DSpace theme for our Digital Collections … having the CSS and JavaScript files on our own machines have proven to be quite useful -at least for now.  This technique may also become useful for one of my tasks in the “DRC in a box” working group -a.k.a. the evaluation, test, and implementation of a collapse option for the elements in the ds-options DIV.  An example is available at  So the trick is the addition to the following 10 lines … the idea behing this functionality is to help users browse a clean interface in a DSpace repository with many collections/communities.

$(document).ready(function() {
//collapse Search and My Account boxes
{ $(this).next(".ds-option-set").slideToggle(500); });
//collapse 1st ds-simple-list -usually titled "All of xxxx"
$("div.ds-option-set ul.ds-simple-list:first").hide();
{ $(this).next(".ds-simple-list").slideToggle(500); });

Getting an audio-text sync prototype to work using HTML5 also seems to open up some great opportunities and potential of use in digital collections/humanities.  I have to say that most of what I know and was able to do was thanks to the emails and conversations I had with Peter DuCharme and his HTML5 Audio Text Sync project.  I know this is where I get partial with our SPARKS proposal, but the transcript and multimedia sync has always been in my “to-do” list … I’m very positive that 2012 will be a good time for some basic work … or maybe for some “not-so-basic” implementations -especially if we get the grant :-)

Last, and since I just updated my notes for my 4th annual review … it was good to reflect on the final outcome of a couple of intended -and a non-intended- collaborative work completed/initiated last year.  Now it’s time to get this post published and perhaps browse the just released issue of the Information Research Magazine :-)

¡Feliz inicio de año!


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