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DSpace 1.6 -almost there!

First, happy new year!

A recent entry on the DuraSpace blog has provided some updates for the 1.6 version -which now appears to be ready in late February.  I definitely hope so :-) …especially after confirming that the stats feature seems to be working in XMLUI.  For some, this will become a great tool to generate reports for faculty and/or administrators.

Speaking of quantitative data and IR projects, citation tracker tools are also getting some good attention lately.  This may explain the ongoing discussion (trend) of integrating different pieces of data into a single and friendly interface -in other words, the rising popularity of gadgets/widgets in websites will probably just continue to grow; perhaps a faculty page with content pulled from different systems can be a goo example of this idea.

That’s it for now, hopefully we’ll see some of these features in action in 2010.

Here is a link to the 1.6 test site:

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