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Mac OS & FireFox & PDFs

Since I’ve officially moved to the Mac OS world -at least from 8-5;
the last few days have been quite interesting, learning/finding/exploring keyboard shortcuts and plug-ins.  And for one of the projects we’re working on, we need to populate a CONTENTdm collection with PDF files.  Well, in Windows most browsers will display a PDF file inline.  However, that’s not always the case on the Mac, maybe in Safari but not FireFox.

The good news is: there is a solution available at
This plug-in uses PDFKit to display PDFs in FireFox on the Mac OS,
…now PDFs are displayed inside the browser! :)

…mmm, maybe it’s time to check/find a similar plug-in for browsers in Linux, we’ll see!

BTW: the is a great site for open-source software for the Mac OS X

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